Looking at The LEGO Movie 2 Collectable Minifigures in a New Light [UV Review 71023]

By now, for many this will be old news: the new set of collectable minifigures is now in shops: Twenty figures in the series. Sixty figures per box. Three complete Sets per box. NO Chase figures. No-one hard to find. But perhaps some are more desirable than others if you are just looking for one or two.

Most of the time, there appears to be one complete set per row BUT this has not been entirely consistent: perhaps some settling in transit, perhaps they just get mixed up a little in the factory?

Today, I’ll have a quick run-through of the figures, and point out some of the interesting features. I figure by now, most enthusiasts have already seen the figures, possibly even collected a set or two. So, I would like to bring you a pictorial essay. Highlighting the front and back of the figures, and also look at them under an ultraviolet lamp, to see if we see anything interesting…After looking at Vibrant Coral ever so briefly last week, I wonder how they will all appear now?

1. Awesome Remix Emmet

With a cup of coffee and a catchy tune to listen to, AR Emmet is ready for another dusty day in Apocalypseburg! Interestingly, Emmet’s hi-viz overalls fluoresce under UV. Bright orange seems to be a somewhat inconsistent colour from that point of view – some batches seem to fluoresce, and others don’t.

2. Battle Ready Lucy

With her head covered, and binoculars for keeping a lookout , Lucy has a quiver on her back. She appears to have Vibrant Coral coloured lips – the first time I have seen this! The markings on her hoody fluoresce, but only slightly.

3. Apocalypse Benny

Since we last saw Benny, he has become a bit ‘armless! However, his cool new toolbox contains everything he could possibly need to repair his new arm. Interestingly, while appearing a perfectly normal red under white light, this toolbox glowed quite vigorously under UV.

4. Giraffe Guy

A guy. Dressed as a giraffe. With some great foliage to chew on. Two faces, arm printing, dual moulded legs. Enough said.

5. Crayon Girl

A girl. Dressed as a crayon. It appears to work, as she has drawn a great portrait.

6. Sherry Scratchenpost and Scarfield

When we last saw Sherry, she was accompanied by large number of cats. But only the Strong survive. She has great detail in her bodice, as well as nifty arm printing, and side printing on her legs.

7. Hula Lula

When I was a boy, we would get our music on vinyl disks, called records. With lime/bright yellowish green hair, spring yellowish green torso, it was the bright green skirt that really glowed under UV. The pink swirl in her hair appears to fluoresce, but not as much.

8. Watermelon Dude

With two printed quarter tiles, as well as a great costume, he seems pretty happy.There is a level of indulgence here, with both arms and legs being dual moulded. There was a moderate level of fluorescence with UV light.

9. Flashback Lucy

With a gold record for ‘Everything is Awesome’, is Flashback Lucy the ‘Time Sparkles’ of the LEGO Movie? Despite her bright outfit, with dual moulded legs, however, no fluorescence was obvious.

10. The Swamp Creature

Not just bright green, but BRIGHT GREEN! especially under UV.with his leather shorts, suspenders and a turquoise tattoo on his lime torso, the Swamp creature really catches your attention.

11. Candy Rapper

Grooving along, with her old school cassette tape, candy Rapper has dual moulded legs. While sh is slightly fluorescent, I am intrigued by the response of her cassette tape. I have heard tell of a phasing out of polycarbonate for the transparent elements, and this is not the same behaviour as I have seen on other transparent (non fluoro) elements.

12. Gone Golfin’ President Business

With a 2 wood and an over the top unibrow, GG President Business is now wearing a golfing glove, and ready to play!

13. Apocalypseburg Abe

Another of the survivors of the events of Tako Tuesday, AA has gone decidedly steampunk, with his stovepipe hat, engine block on his belt buckle, and goofy glasses. He has terrific printed cuffs, and two axes crossed on his back.

14.Vest Friend Rex

With a Hi-Viz vest on his chest, a leather vest on his hat, and leather chaps (like a vest for your legs?), this Alpha (team) inspired male comes complete with a Dark Blue Raptor to train…

15. Kitty Pop

Complete with a Kat Tail, Kitty Pop is rocking the look in Vibrant Coral. One with the lot, Se has a tail, guitar, microphone, dual moulded arms and legs, both with side printing, a dual moulded hair piece ( slightly rubbery in nature, ready for Friends…), But she really rocks when you turn on the UV!

16. Dorothy Gale

She’s off to see the Wizard with her friends. Who knows how they fit in here? complete with a little grey Toto, and sparkly ruby slippers. Only the wrap around skirt used here responds to the UZ

17. The Cowardly Lion

If he only had the nerve! The cowardly lion comes as an interesting nougat-nougat-nougat combination (mmmmm….nougat). His medal, printed on a transparent 1×2 tile also fluoresces which, again, suggests a new material is now being used for this element.

18. The Scarecrow

A great, true to the movie version of the Scarecrow, I especially love his new hat. With various rips, tears and patches, all covered up and filled in, he looks quite smart…

19 The Tin Man

With so much silver, including his axe, the Tin Man finally gets his heart, which fluoresced ever so slightly, but not as much as Benny’s tool box.

20. Unikitty

What more needs to be said?

Looking through these figures, we seem to have a few distinct groups:

  • Our Heroes ( and Villains): I’m thinking here of Emmet, Lucy, Benny, Rex and Unikitty, as well as Gone golfin’ President Business.
  • Apocalyseburg Residents:These folks are rocking the post apocalyptic look: Abe, Sandy, Swamp Monster.
  • Flashback Bubblegum Pop: All brightly coloured recording artists. Hula Lula, Flashback Lucy, Candy Rapper, and Kitty Pop.
  • Costumed Crew: Giraffe Guy, Crayon Girl and Watermelon Dude – because sometimes you need to dress up as some oversized, novelty thing!
  • Wizard of Oz: Easily spotted: otherwise, they are the characters your Grandparents can recognise without referring to a guide! I have a theory, and I look forward to seeing the film to find out if this is true or not: Are these characters just to give those who are not interested in TLM2 something to look out for and collect in the current series, allowing them to only collect four figures, rather than the full 20?? This could be in a similar way that the Fantastic Beasts figures were included in the Wizarding World Minifigures last year: no need to chase them at all if you only liked Harry Potter! Time will tell.

I found a few surprises looking through the set, especially with the UV: Bright Green seems to be particularly Bright. I wonder how other elements in this colour look?. Orange is inconsistent: some versions of Bright Orange Fluoresce, others do not. Likewise red: I have some fuselage elements joined together at home: some fluoresce, others don’t! Some ‘Bright’ colours don’t seem to glow at all.

Overall, it’s a pretty diverse collection! I guess we will know how they all fit together next week, after the film opens in the rest of the World. There are a few previews on this weekend in Australia, and then the long wait until March 21 until the film opens here…

Who’s your favourite? Why not comment below, and follow the rambling Brick for more news, reviews, and obscure trivia relating to the wonderful world of LEGO.

Until Next time,

Play Well!

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