Nostalgic Anniversaries Converge with LEGO Tower 1.4

Last week saw the arrival of the latest incremental update for LEGO Tower – version 1.4 – the casual game produced by Nimblebit in association with LEGO Games. For regular readers of this blog, it will come as no surprise that I was extremely excited by the content released. As well as some bug fixes, interface tweaks, new roof toppers and new floors to build, this update provided some new parts for players to collect and dress the residents of their towers. Full of nostalgia, these new elements include torsos from the 6000 Ideas Book, as well as Pirate figures (with the theme celebrating 30 years this year), adding to a collection of pirate hats added in V1.3 a couple of weeks ago.

The new elements include the Bill and Mary’s torsos, straight out of the 6000 Ideas Book. They are terrific and look just as if the stickers have been freshly applied. This is fantastic attention to detail by the Nimblebit team, who are currently extremely busy, getting the next update ready ( Of course, in a little over a month, Halloween is coming! I wonder if this will have implications for the next update?) Of course, they couldn’t help but dress up for the occasion.

The newest elements in the Pirates range allowed construction of the Pirate Princess from 70411 Treasure Island from 2015. Of course, these parts can mix and match with other available minifigure parts to create a great variety of figures. Some of the Ninjago torsos, amongst others, also make for a great pirate look.

The game is free to play, and I see so many different ways for people to play: some collect and share elements for the figures, and build their figures up, others opt for the constant grind, with little focus on the aesthetics, some rebuild at 50 floors (which gets you a Gold Brick with magical bonus powers), others are trying to collect every available floor. Of course, the opportunity to spend real money does exist, and can be a trap for completionists. One of the online communities I belong to encouraged people to Dress Like a Pirate, when visiting other floors, and it was great seeing people’s creativity on display.

As for me? In my latest Tower, I am customising the look of as many figures as possible to Pirates. (Player 1G1S. I don’t guarantee daily visits, but will return visit and gift where I can)

By the way, do you read Brickbook, the faux social media used by our Minifigures in the game? Sometimes they offer really cool advice, or hilarious statements. Unfortunately, it is only available if you play using English as your language.

Both 6000 Ideas and Pirates have a special place in both older and younger AFOLs, while the pirates are also likely to be known to some children, despite (regular, non licensed) pirates sets last being produced in 2015. The fact that people involved in the production of the game have worked to produce figures that hold sentimental appeal does provoke the question…

What themes should new parts focus on in the future? There are lots of space elements, but no Blacktron or Space Police. What about Power Miners or the Ultra Agents?

Leave your thoughts below, and until Next Time…

Play Well!

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