Trimming the tree: I

Oh deer.

I just put together this little Christmas decoration that I picked up at Billund Airport early this year. It is 853574: Christmas Ornament Reindeer. But it just as easily be well be 850852: Christmas Ornament Reindeer from 2013. Both pieces feature a bauble containing a brick built reindeer. Both have 21 pieces. Both have a white radar dish that slots into the hemispheres of the decoration. The reindeer is simple to put together. In fact opening up the decoration took longer. The ribbon is red, with gold thread along either edge and with 2×4 bricks/plates printed along its length. I suspect they are essentially the same build.
The hemispheres are held together with three sticky dots, and contains a cardboard standup with a picture of the completed build on, an instruction leaflet and a small bag containing all the parts. There is no need to untie the ribbon to open the decoration.

Construction is simple, with use of a droid body as the basis of the head of the reindeer.  The use of a reddish brown curved brick gives a feeling of movement. The default nose colour is black, but I felt contractually obliged to substitute a red one in.

final-17It hangs nicely in the tree, but the shadows make it difficult to photograph.  It will make an appearance on the @ramblingbrick  Instagram feed once I capture a decent one of it on the tree.

This is a quick, simple build, which didn’t detract too much from the family activity of decorating the tree.  The thematic material is good, and the final appearance is awesome.  4 out of five arbitrary praise units.



NEXO KNIGHTS: Phygital Survey Results


So: UK Voted to leave the EU, the US Republicans have accepted Donald Trump, the Democrats accepted Hillary Clinton and the Australians returned the their conservative Government, with a reduced majority.  If these results show anything at all, it is that you should not squander your right to vote, because you can’t rely on your fellow citizens doing what you might be expecting of them.

So… How did readers vote on their experience of multimodal NEXO knight experience?  Of course, half way through the process here, the world was swamped by Pokemon Go, possibly the ultimate phygital experience…

As such, responses were limited, but give an insight into how things are proceeding in my limited audience. Continue reading

Lego Classic: Retro Values with a Modern Aesthetic

When LEGO rebooted their ‘generic brick’ sets last year as ‘Classic’ I was pretty excited.  Whilst I enjoy the creator and mini figure containing sets, the building often feels a little bit constrained. It’s like we aren’t being encouraged to experiment too much with building any more.  Now, my early experiences with lego were before the release of the mini figure, and in those early days, box art would often demonstrate alternative builds without instructions.  So the classic sets are available in a variety of sizes and price points, from $AU25 (224 bricks) through to the $90, 1500 piece, creatively named ‘Large Creative Box’.  In between are a variety of building sets and also ‘supplement sets’ these $AU30 sets come without wheels or plates, but a variety of bricks, as well as some ‘eye tiles’.  There is even a ‘bright’ supplement set: featuring much of the Friends color palette. I would love a ‘landscape supplement’ full of greys, greens and browns, but leaving out the purples and trans red and so forth…

Today I am looking at 10702 – Lego Creative Building Set.  Whoa… lets look at that word again: Creative.  That’s like ‘building without a net.’ It was purchased on special, $29.99, rather than the standard $39.99: 25% off.  It contains over 570 pieces in 41 colours. That was around 7 cents per piece; 73 cents per colour, 13.9 pieces per colour. Forty one colours? you’d think they were ice cream flavours.

The box is shaped like an old school toy box, made of corrugated cardboard and  contains several transparent poly bags, filled according to color family.

These images show us all the colour, and representative of the parts selection. I ran out of space in my light box so…

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