10325 Winter Village Alpine Lodge Revealed.

We are approaching the end of September, and around the world, people are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the annual Winter Village set. Today we can reveal that the set for 2023 is a warm and cosy alpine lodge. Over the last few years, we have gone from the fantasy of the Gingerbread house and the Elves clubhouse to the urban reality of Santa’s Visit, and the holiday main Street. This year, we are headed out of town, as we move towards the Alpine Lodge. With 1517 pieces, 5 minifigures and a brick built outhouse, the LEGO® Icons Winter Village set will be available for LEGO insiders from 1st October 2023 at www.LEGO.com/alpine-Lodge and LEGO Stores for all from 4th October 2023 priced at €99.99 / £89.99 / $99.99/ 899.0 CNY/ 169.99 AUD /129.99 CAD.

This has been a year for sets focussing on alpine recreation -even if in a more urban setting- be it the LEGO Ideas 21388 Alpine Cabin; LEGO City 60366 Ski and Climbing Centre and LEGO Friends 41756 Holiday Ski Slope and Cafe.

Like other sets in the series, it features a terrific selection of minifigures, hanging out and doing their own thing. Especially if their own thing involves gathering up Christmas Trees. There are some snug looking woolen jumpers printed on the torsos, while we see our characters all engaged in different activities.

The lodge is spread out over a couple of floors, including an attic and includes a solid layer of snow on the roof. I really enjoy the rustic look of the logs on the upper story.

As with previous Winter Village buildings, this one is a doll house type construction, open at the rear, with plenty of scope for story telling and play. As well as evidence of the Alpine activities, there is a warm fire, as well as the Christmas Tree along with a number of presents for the figures to share.

Of course, the model does not rely on the main lodge alone: there are a few seperate builds, including an outhouse as well as a frozen pond for the kids to skate on. We have a mixture of classic molded LEGO Trees, as well as a new conifer design made using inverted fern leaves, which debuted earlier in the year in Rivendell.

The location feels a little disparite from previous Holiday Village sets:an isolated rural setting rather than an urban environemnt or the North Pole, as we have seen previously. However, as the fifteenth annual Winter Village set, it feels right to visit a new space in the Winter Village Community.

Today the LEGO Group reveals the LEGO® Icons Alpine Lodge set, the perfect display set for the holiday season. A captivating addition to the holiday season that represents the essence of a quaint and whimsical winter wonderland, the LEGO Icons Alpine lodge is the latest addition to the Winter Village Collection.

This 1,517-piece set is packed with a host of wonderful features, the main being the snowy lodge, which is surrounded with warm interiors, such as a bar offering hot drinks, a cozy seating space in front of the fireplace and a little Christmas tree.

Excitingly, there is a light brick within the lodge, and it can be activated by pressing the top of the chimney, where it illuminates two different sections, the fireplace on the ground floor and the small fireplace in the child’s room. The outside space contains a small frozen pond with a wooden pier, snowman, trees, a desk where you can rent some ice skates and an outhouse.

A snowmobile is also included within the set, with a trailer that can be used to drive the Christmas trees from the market or just to have fun driving around the snowy landscape. The wintertime model also comes with four lovely mini figures, including a lodge employee, and three guests: one child with their parent and the other on their own.

The LEGO® Icons Winter Village set is perfect to build as a family, with the main snow-covered lodge model best suited to adults, with the smaller build elements perfect for kids. The LEGO® Icons Winter Village set will be available for LEGO insiders from 1st October 2023 at www.LEGO.com/alpine-Lodge and LEGO Stores for all from 4th October 2023 priced at €99.99 / £89.99 / $99.99/ 899.0 CNY/ 169.99 AUD /129.99 CAD.

What do you think of this new addition to the Winter Village? Just what you needed? Or a little bit too far removed from the village to be necessary? Why don’t you leave your comments below.

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