Star Wars Helmets: Delve Into the Dark Side 18+ [Announcement]

It’s mid March. Over recent years, sometime around now, we hear about the new LEGO Star Wars release, normally an Ultimate Collector Series set, that gets released in April, in preparation for Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You). This year its a little different. A little more… Adult.

Breaking a tradition of spaceships, and bases, this year we see the first ever ‘Build to Display’ Helmets, aimed to provide a more adult audience with an 18+ age recommendation.

Promising a more challenging building experience, these models, based on some of the more malicious characters in the Star Wars movies. Depicting a Stormtrooper, Bounty Hunter Boba Fett and a TIE Fighter Pilot, there models set out to provide an interesting brick building experience.

These sets will be available to pre-order later today, with general availability from April 19 2020.

Read on, for more images…

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Helmets: Delve Into the Dark Side 18+ [Announcement]

  1. I’m puzzled by the ribbed hoses on the TIE Pilot model. Given the size (~1.5M wide), they must be a new flexible element with Technic pin-type ends.

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