UCS Millennium Falcon is the Largest LEGO® Set ever produced. Again

Ten years ago in October, 10179, the UCS Millennium Falcon was released.  This year, we see a new version, once again upping the part count, with details spanning generations.

Today,  LEGO’s most prolonged marketing tease in years has finally seen the announcement of an updated UCS Millennium Falcon, set 75192.  With over 7500 pieces, it goes on sale October 1st 2017.  RRP is $AUD1299!

The first hint of a new Millennium Falcon.

The arrival of this set has been long awaited by many.  Initially teased  last year, when a small silhouette appeared on the box of the reissued 75159: Death Star, the LEGO Group’s marketing department has been dropping subtle and unsubtle hints on a semiregular basis. The campaign  has ramped right up in the last month, advertising the biggest box, biggest instruction manual, the largest ever piece count and the need for a wheelie trolley rather than a mere bag to carry it home from you local LEGO Store.  Continue reading