Remaining 71019 Ninjago Movie Minifigures revealed

In a week where too many Ninjago Movie Announcements are barely enough, tonight (Melbourne time) we saw the second wave of Collectable Minifigures based on the LEGO Ninjago Movie 71019 announced on their Facebook page:


N- Pop Girl

Flashback Garmadon
Kai Kendo
GPL Tech
Shark Army Angler
Cole.  I suspect he is listening to AC/DC!
Shark Army Octopus




What do you think?

These are in addition to the ten figures announced yesterday:

One of the things that is apparent is just how the designers: not just of the sets, but also the graphic designers, have gone to town with these figures, as well as other sets associated with the Ninjago movie. These figures all show new use of colour, not seen across any particular range previously.  The range accessories featured with these figures is looking to be very popular too, especially the green and blue stoneware bowls, and the spoon. The bright colours in Ninjago City are also a standout.

While the first day of reveals was all about Kitchenware, the second day appears to be more about referencing other LEGO Movies and weaponry.  As well as blueprints and a postcard! I think the N-pop girl’s pink teddy bear will be popular too!

After reviewing the singlet on Cole, holding the stereo, and referring to Brickset’s fantastic guide to the language of Ninjago, I suspect he is listening to AC/DC.

Who are you looking for? This series of minifigures are set for release in August.

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