Series 17 Minifigures: Fireside Review

Pictures of the latest series (Number 17) of Collectable Minifigures have been circulating the interwebs like crazy in the run up to their official release this week.  My figures arrived on 2nd of May, and I have to admit, I think this is one of the most appealing series yet  There is something for pretty well everyone…

As autumn has taken control of the weather here (in the USA, you may call it fall although I appreciate it is currently spring in the northern hemisphere), temperatures have dropped and evenings may be spent sitting in front of the fireplace with a nice cup of tea/ glass of whine/ beverage of choice.  While I was sitting down in front of the fireplace, this evening, I opened today’s mail. The camera was in easy reach, and I could not justify moving far from my seat to photograph these figures.

IMG_4873.jpgIf you have seen them already, you know who we have. I’m not up to generating a bag feeling guide tonight, and I know there are a few already out there.

 If you have not yet seen reviews of this series, here is a quick summary:
Sixteen figures, Three with short legs,
Five females.
Eight hair pieces, Five pieces of headwear, Two costumes.
One shark printed surf board,
Two cute animals,
Seven weapons.
Two eighties throwbacks, one secret figure – easily recognised,
Eight and a half pairs of dual mold arms,
Seventeen different faces, Four moustaches,
Five dual mold legs, one triple mold leg!
five pieces of food or beverage,
A whisk and a tricorn hat!

Here they all are, however, for your viewing pleasure…17c


Who is your favourite? I am personally torn between Rocket Boy Space Fan, and Retro Space Hero.  That said, I love just about all of them. Thanks to I’m Rick James Bricks  for speedy dispatch of my online order this week. (not a paid ad… they just arrived in the expected time frame!)

Series 17 is available now, and I am sure you will be able to find them just about anywhere, in a shop nearby!

Play well!


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