Missing out and optimism: Not quite the 40252 Mini VW Beetle

Over Christmas I built the Creator Expert VW Beetle, and found it to be a most enjoyable thing to take to the beach. So,40252_alt2
I was quite excited when it was announced that there would be a small version of the model available earlier in the year (40252).  Decked out in Dark Azure, just like 10252 (I sense a numbering pattern), I knew I was going to want to get it.  I also knew it was going to prompt me to place a shop.lego.com order when it became available.

And so April came.  Free gift with purchase over $60 was announced.  I was excited. And then the triple VIP points were added.  This period of the year coincides with school holidays in many states of Australia, and many of our major retailers have LEGO® Sets reduced by 20%.  Some stores were excluding Collectable Minifigures,  Some excluded The LEGO® Batman™ Movie Sets, and one excluded The LEGO® Batman™ Movie Collectable Minifigures.

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Technic Telehandler 42061: Leveraging For Maximum Purchase.

I made a decision a few weeks ago to collect the sets required to allow me to put together the 40th Anniversary Technic Model: the reimagined 8860.  As I have mentioned recently, LEGO® Technical sets (as they were called back in the day) were my introduction to building mechanisms, and they changed the way I thought about building with LEGO Bricks until I entered my Dark Ages.

IMG_1066.jpgI managed to obtain this set, as well as the BMW Motorrad Adventure Motor Cycle, for $10 at a major department store in Melbourne, thanks to the accrual of Credit Card Loyalty points.  Important purchasing tip: do you accrue loyalty points? Frequent Flyer points?  I also use the QANTAS frequent flyer store as a way to purchase LEGO.  It took me a while to recognise that I have never been able to properly take advantage of Frequent Flyer schemes to receive actual flights, so I am chipping away at my supply of points to obtain LEGO.They also have some recently retired sets – I managed to pick up the Constructable General Grievous figure. Continue reading

Carousel 10257 Coming Soon: Reimagining an Investor’s Classic.

boxes.pngAround eight years ago, shortly after I emerged from my Dark Ages, I visited LEGOLAND 10257_Front_02_1California with my family. The Aussie Dollar was running at 90US¢ to A$1: the best exchange rate in years.  We got to the store.  What followed is a bit embarrassing, but suffice to say it included  Cafe Corner and the Grand Carousel 10196.  Despite currency fluctuations, the pricing model used meant we could afford these 2 sets, and some more, as well as some luggage to transport them home, and still come out in front.  Unfortunately, this involved unboxing these sets prior to returning home.  Once the box is broken, you might as well build them, don’t you think? If I knew then what I know now, I would have also picked up a Millennium falcon UCS, and transported them home in fur-lined gold plated shipping container instead.  Aah: hindsight. It gives me 20-20 vision.

The Grand Carousel had a huge footprint with a 48 square, green baseplate. It had an interesting 16 sided construction and rotation was afforded by a spring-loaded wheel turning the outside – just like the real carousel’s that would tour country Victoria going to annual town fairs.  Not only did it rotate, but the horses bounced up and down as well.  And then there was the sound brick ,providing the joyous sounds of a Calliope, and invoking a nightmare flashback in any kid scared by carnival clowns.  This set has appreciated significantly over theirs, with new sticker sheets selling for more than $70 on Brick link, and the sound brick for more than $200!

fairground past.pngIn more recent years, the Lego Creator Expert team have been producing exceptional sets based on Fairground rides, providing a challenging building experience and great play and display features. In 2014, we saw the release of the Fairground Mixer 10244, followed up by the Ferris wheel 10247 in 2015. Last year it was the Friends turn, with a whole sub theme.  The Amusement park Roller Coaster41130 was a highlight for many here! Builders have not been content with with merely adding motion to this to these rides. Lighting has also become popular, with some spectacular third party lighting kits now available especially for them. But I didn’t stop writing this post for the purpose of becoming over whelmed with nostalgia, continuing to chart my descent from a regular human being into an Adult Fan of LEGO, but rather to present the announcement of the latest fairground set, at Play-Time in New York today.

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Sign up for LEGO House news to enter the draw for opening day tickets

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50 families will win tickets to enter the LEGO House Experience Zones on the opening day – and take part in the public celebration on the terraces of LEGO House. The only thing you have to do to be in the competition is to sign up for the LEGO House Newsletter. This way you will also receive the latest news about all the great experiences at LEGO House.

Sign up here: https://www.legohouse.com/en-gb/info/newsletter-signup

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Retcon Rehash: 76044 – Clash of the Heroes

I’ve been waiting for the LEGO Batman Movie to pass before stepping back 12 months to revisit a set I purchased last year: 76044 Clash of the Heroes.  Born out of the disappointing cinematic experience that was Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, this set was exciting because for less than $AUD20, you could get both Batman™ and Superman™ minifigures.  And Batman™ had an armoured suit just like in the finale of Frank Miller’s grim epic, the Dark Knight Returns. (*Note: individual definitions of ‘just like the one in…’ may vary!) One of the highlights of the movie, in a movie containing so few, this armoured suit helped Batman™ give Superman™ a run for his money. Softening him up for the fight against Doomsday.  Many know how that ended.  Some don’t.  I won’t state the final outcome here…If you cared enough, however, you would have seen the film at some stage in the last nine months.  Fun Fact: BvS:DoJ opened in Australian the day before the US opening.  I don’t think we deserved this any more than the delayed release of The LEGO® Batman ™ Movie!

While this set is still in shops however, something has changed.

One of this pictures is a little bit different…

Just as any comic story that becomes too complicated, things may get rewritten, to create a retroactive continuity: to change the way things have always been.

This appears to have happened with the contents and art for this set.  When I first picked this set up, Batman looked like this on the box.  He has a cape in his Battle with Superman, and is wearing a cape in the picture of the figures from the side of the box.  And the box had punch out tabs to open it…

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Retro Reconstruction – 852 Helicopter 1978

LEGO Alive!

So, last week I wrote about my memories of my introduction to LEGO Technic, which was way back in 1978. Over the recent Easter weekend, I had the chance to visit my childhood LEGO collection.  I found some Technical set instructions in the mix: 8860-Car Chassis, and 856Bulldozer.  But not for my original helicopter.  Then I found the sheet you see here: preserved after 40 years.  Not the instructions for the Helicopter, but for the B-Model airplane. I turned them over, and on the flip side were blueprints for the helicopter, at a 1:1 scale.IMG_5385

Now, we ended up owning a fairly broad collection of LEGO for the 70’s-80’s: lots of regular bricks, ancient wheels and parts from 3 significant technical sets (as well as some supplementary sets).  I thought to myself: there is a high probability of locating enough parts to put the helicopter together. Perhaps not colour perfect, but structurally so.

And so I set to work…

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Melbourne’s LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is now open.

The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Melbourne was officially opened this week, after a weekend of previews, and a soft launch of the shop last week.  My other job meant that The Rambling Brick was unfortunately unable to attend today’s grand opening, however I do hope to get there in the near future, and provide an insight into the centre from an AFOL’s point of view 

However, I got to the shop last week and was duly impressed by the range, as well as the emotional roller coaster that was the Pick a Brick Wall.  

I would like to highlight the description of the Discovery Centre…

 the Ultimate Indoor LEGO Playground!

It is a children’s play centre. There will be evenings for Adult Fans to gather and enjoy the Centre, but during regular hours adults must attend with children (and won’t be admitted without them…).  

Early reports from preview openings confirm that the venue is well suited to children who enjoy their LEGO, but parents who are not so engaged may wonder what all the fuss is about. I am personally looking forward to seeing the completed Miniland display, with many of Melbourne’s icons made of LEGO. It was partially completed when I had the opportunity to visit earlier in the year, and shaping up to be fantastic.

In the meantime… here is the official press release:


The highly anticipated LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Melbourne officially opened its doors today. A first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, the multi-million dollar attraction is filled with more than 2 million LEGO® bricks and 13 family friendly attractions, making it the ultimate indoor LEGO playground.

The centre was officially opened today, when The Hon John Eren MP, Minister for Tourism and Major Events, as well as Creative Crew members Grace, Ruby and Tyler, conducted final checks of the centre before the general public came flooding in to join the LEGO fun.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne General Manager Drew Grove is thrilled that the much anticipated centre is ready six weeks ahead of schedule and is now open for LEGO fans to enjoy: “We’re so excited to have officially opened our doors to the first LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in the Southern Hemisphere and now the real fun begins. This Australian-first LEGOLAND Discovery Centre taps into the LEGO vision of fostering creativity through play, and will offer everything from rides and 4D movies to education programs for schools to encourage free play in the minds of kids,” he said.

The Melbourne attraction is the 18th of its kind worldwide and gives LEGO fans a truly bricktastic experience, with a LEGO Factory Tour, MINILAND Melbourne, with more than 1.5 million bricks, three exclusive LEGO-themed movies in the 4D cinema, and two rides; Kingdom Quest and Merlin’s Apprentice. There is fun for all ages with the LEGO City Soft Play Area as well as educational programs at the Creative Workshop, which fosters creativity and assists children with constructing their own bricktastic creations.

John Jakobson, Chief New Openings Officer, of Merlin Entertainment has seen the success of LEGOLAND Discovery Centres around the world and is excited to launch the first Australian centre in Melbourne: “LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne is an exciting, innovative attraction we’re thrilled to bring to Australian shores and add to our portfolio of family entertainment. After the global success of LEGOLAND Discovery Centres we are proud to offer this incredible attraction to deliver memorable and rewarding experiences to local and international visitors in the most liveable city in the world,” he said.

The centre is located in Australia’s leading shopping centre, Chadstone – The Fashion Capital which has more than 20 million visitors annually. The joint owners of Chadstone, Vicinity Centres CEO and Managing Director Angus McNaughton, is thrilled to welcome Melburnians and visitors from around the world into the attraction: “The Southern Hemisphere’s first LEGOLAND Discovery Centre will see Chadstone continue to lead the way in Australia with an unprecedented entertainment experience and reinforcing our position as Australia’s number one destination for shopping, dining and entertainment,” he said.

LEGO loving families can head to LEGOLANDDiscoveryCentre.com.au to secure their admission into the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre,

● Individual Admission tickets $32.50, and annual passes $81.00

● Trading hours vary from 9.30am – 7pm

#LEGOLANDDiscoveryCentreMelb #LEGO

Any questions? Feel free to ask below, and I will endeavour to find out the answers.

Play well!