Hold On to your Hard Hats! We visit the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre, Melbourne

We have exciting times ahead in Australia: Recently we had the opening of the first Certified LEGO Store on the Gold Coast. Meanwhile, a lazy 18 hour drive (approx 1759 km, 1087 miles) away in Melbourne, we are looking forward to the country’s first LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre  opening in mid April.img_3977

In coming weeks, we will see the Brick Factor Competition, which will see some of our top LEGO builders vying for the role of Master Builder for the centre, but today, we have something a little special.

While others were comparing the size of the queue and pick-a-brick hauls, a small number of Melbourne’s LEGO Bloggers and Instagrammers had the opportunity to visit the building site with members of the team from the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre.  Located on the top floor of the recently redeveloped area of the Chadstone Shopping Centre, the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is located opposite the cinema complex.

At this stage it is very much a work in progress: the builders are on site, fitting out is incomplete and bubble wrap abounds! As such, we had to don our hard hats and high-visibility vests for the purposes of the walk through.

If you wish to avoid any spoilers of what to expect when you arrive, stop now. All you need to know is: Admission will cost around $32 per person over three years of age.  Annual passes are available now for the introductory price of $73 each.  Each person over the age of 3 must have a ticket. During public admission times, all adults must be accompanied by a child. AFOL nights are likely to occur on a monthly basis. There will be a shop…

Further details will become available closer to the opening date, which will be in mid April.

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BrickHeadz Superheroes: Coming in March

Today, The LEGO® Group officially announced the release date for the highly anticipated BrickHeadz range.  Previewed last year, with a few San Diego  Comic Con Exclusives, this new range seems to be entering the space occupied by collectables such as Funko Pop! vinyl figures, but with a constructible twist. The initial wave contains a selection of DC and Marvel Characters, but the press release promises many, many more to come… Who would you like to see? (Pricing, availability  and images after the break) Continue reading

Play on:Mighty Micros the 2017 update

No sooner has the park level been unlocked, and  we have seen another update to the LEGO DC Superheroes Mighty Micros App this week.

With this update, we add new heroes and villains to the game, and both can act as chasers or chasees (or chased).

  • Helicopter Batman and Killer Moth
  • Superman and Bizzarro
  • Wonder Woman and Doomsday

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Happy Lunar New Year: Year of the Rooster (40234)

For the third year, LEGO have released a seasonal set to commemorate the Lunar new year, featuring animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

The previous two sets, for the year of the sheep and the year of the monkey were only available in Asia.  This year’s set, for the Year of the Rooster, was previously announced to be exclusive to the Shanghai and Leicester Square LEGO Brand stores.  Imagine my surprise as the word went around last week when one of our local department stores, Myer, announced that it would have some available. Admittedly not in all stores. Only four out of more than sixty locations nationwide will have it available (two in Melbourne, two in Sydney). Fortunately, one is my local.  Free with a purchase of 88 dollars or more.  When I went,  it coincided with a weekend with 25% off LEGO. As a result of this, I spent a bit more than $88. img_9423

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Better Suit Up – a New and Simple Minifigure Mech System 70366: Battle Suit Lance

Exo suits hold great appeal for LEGO Space builders. The retired EXOForce theme, as well as the success of Pete Reid’s LEGO® Ideas Exo-Suit 21109 attests to this. This project was brought to fruition with the aid of LEGO® designer Mark Stafford, one of the design lead’s on EXOForce.

LEGO Ideas ExoSuit 21109 – image from brickset.com

However, as appealing an idea as it is to put a minifigure into such a suit, it is can be made quite challenging by the finger blistering use of tiny, greebling pieces to put together a model that is extremely detailed, but otherwise full of pieces that a seven year old may otherwise inadvertently condemn to the vacuum cleaner.

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Play On: Mighty Micro’s Park Level now unlockable

An update to the LEGO® DC Superheroes Mighty Micros App released in November has made the Park Level Playable. I feel sad that I only discovered this level now.

Whats in the Box?

Game play is essentially the same as both the City and Island Levels, but the fresh music and scenery adds to the playability.

Unlocking the level is dependent on collecting studs while playing the game: it took me four rounds to collect enough to unlock the level, having previously unlocked all available levels and characters. Continue reading