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Best Batman Head Ever!

IMG_8497I am a fan of Lego. I have a room full of it

I am a fan of Batman: I have collected over 20 years of Batman/Detective Comics and other related titles (so: another room full of it…)

I should love Lego Batman.  But I don’t.  Don’t get me wrong: I love the idea, but for me, I have never really had the vision for a great Batman MOC, and haven’t been grabbed around the throat and shaken about while a set screams “BUY ME” as part of my internal monolog.

Getting a set with Batman in isn’t really that hard.

Getting a good set with Batman in is slightly harder.  I have picked up a random smattering of sets over the years.  But when I remove the cowl, I have always felt a little let down by the ‘Look, over there: Bruce Wayne is wearing a headband’ look (I should have made a Tennis Match MOC..note to self).

So today, I bought one of the cheapest Batman sets I have ever seen.  And I think it has the most Versatile Batman Head Ever in it. Continue reading