Component exposition: 1 x 1 x 2/3 45 degree slope, quadruple convex

  This new ‘pyramid piece’ (Bricklink 22388)debuted in 2016, as part of the Nexo Knights range. It is available in a number of colors including the new ‘Flat silver’, Pearl Gold and trans orange.  EDIT: Trans light green has also been spotted in the wild (in one of the new Elves sets, March 2016).

It is primarily used as a decorative component( sets 70312,70313, 70314 and others). However  5 of these pieces around a Modified 1×1 block with 4 x side studs (Travis brick) with trans-red studs are used to form the business end of Ultimate Macy’s mace (70331)

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Review: 70331 Ultimate Macy

This is one of the Nexo Knights ultimate figures. There are 101 pieces and it comes in a ‘hanging box’, with a tapered design.

 The ‘ultimate’ Nexo night series come with 3 shields that can be scanned by the Merlock 2.0 app to power up in the game.

I will not pretend to understand the Nexo Knights mythos or plot lines.

In this set we get Macy, a princess with a desire to prove herself strong in battle. Continue reading

An introduction to the Rambling Brick


I’m an Adult Fan of Lego in Melbourne, Australia.

Very rarely I feel a need to speak to the Universe.

…The Universe is not obliged to listen.

Sometimes I get excited by things that others find mundane or old hat.

You know… those interesting little techniques that everyone else knows about, or that got tucked away in the corner of the instruction manual of a set that I thought was just awesome.  New pieces… perhaps not new to you, perhaps new to me.

Perhaps I will review a couple of sets.

Perhaps I will discuss photography. When do I need to step beyond a smartphone, torch and a piece of A4 paper?

Perhaps this will be my final post…

I have a family, a day (and occasionally night) job, a volunteer job and a dog.  I may not post often.